Josh Tengan

Joshua Thomas Kulamanu Tengan
is a Honolulu-based independent curator and writer from Pauoa, Kona, Oʻahu, with a focus is on contemporary art from Hawaiʻi, Moananuiākea, and that of its diasporic communities. 


How Photographer Nakemiah Williams Heals Trauma Through Polaroids

Profile on artist Kiki Williams

“Perhaps there is some truth to adages about time.

Time heals the pain.

Time is a gift.

Or maybe it’s more about how we use our time, which determines whether or not we can truly heal and be a gift to others.”

Published in FLUX Hawaiʻi
Issue 38: Time
April 2020

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April 1, 2020

Bodily Code Series (2019-2020). Kiki Williams. Polaroid and thread.